A Food GMP Journey to Exploration of the Food Safety Universe

By Kimberly Anderson, MPH, LI PCQI, LI FSVP, California Department of Public Health

Food safety culture is very much a part of our daily lives as are our firm’s food safety plans. Yet, many companies struggle to put on paper what they are doing daily to succeed or to accurately portray what is being done.

Utilizing existing good manufacturing practices (GMP) can solve a lot of hazards, but knowing what you are doing requires a hazard analysis, such as a food safety plan, can still be challenging.

Exploring this space between GMPs and hazard analysis is a unique trip for each firm where the journey is part of the navigation. Cookie cutter food safety plans can cause firms to miss vital landmarks that make their food product, process, and/or facility safe to manufacture food in, hence causing many firms to fall into a blackhole.

Being able to understand how to identify a potential food safety hazard can help set the coordinates that are required for your food product to set a course destined for success to reach the highest limits of the stars of a strong food safety system.

Food manufacturers should have a firm understanding of:

  • What is a good manufacturing practice (GMP) vs preventive control
  • How to get the most out of your GMPs
  • Why a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan is not the same as a food safety plan
  • Why hazard analysis risk-based preventive controls are called a food safety plan

Food manufacturers can learn more about food safety and GMP at the AMBayArea Summit 2023 on Tuesday, April 25 at Chabot Space & Science Center. Kimberly Anderson, MPH, will present a food safety breakout session. Register at ambayarea.org/summit-2023

About the Author:

Kimberly Anderson, MPH, is an Environmental Scientist with the California Department of Public Health. She will present the breakout session Exploration of the Food Safety Universe during the AMBayArea Summit 2023 on Tuesday, April 25 at Chabot Space & Science Center.