This fall, AMBayArea is focusing on two new AMBayArea workforce development initiatives, the AMBayArea Volunteer Match Program and Call to Action: Women in Manufacturing (WiM).

AMBayArea/BACC Volunteer Match Program

AMBayArea and the Bay Area Community Colleges are working to connect K-12 teachers with volunteers working in the manufacturing and engineering industries. Teachers are looking for guest speakers in their classroom (or online), facility tours, judges for competitions, or to join an advisory board.  Teachers put in their requests, and industry volunteers can browse to find opportunities near them. Our goal is to help educate students, teachers, counselors, and parents on the manufacturing industry and encourage them to consider pursuing a career in our sector.

Call to Action: Women in Manufacturing (WiM) 

AMBayArea and the community colleges are continuing their efforts to increase the number of women entering careers in manufacturing. We will be kicking off efforts this fall with events to highlight women in manufacturing, give insights into how to attract more women into the field, and to develop strategies to build an eco-system where women are excited about careers in the sector.

This will include events that utilize storytelling and panel discussions to hear from the women, in their own words, what helped lead them to excel in their field and how workplaces shaped their experience and helped them along the way. Takeaways from these discussions will give companies insights into what to avoid and what has worked to develop and grow a strong female workforce.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Workforce Development Coordinator Matt Trocker,