Several Varian employees participated in an AMBayArea Ambassador Program training at Varian headquarters in Palo Alto in January. The Ambassadors received guidance on relating to students and preparing to speak in the classroom setting – telling their story, talking about their company and their role within it, along with pertinent manufacturing information. They were also trained in several different classroom activities that engage students in a team-based exercise, which pairs communication and hands-on learning in a friendly competition with classmates. 

The newly trained Ambassadors will attend events at local middle schools and high schools to educate students and parents on the manufacturing industry and encourage them to consider pursuing a career in manufacturing. 

AMBayArea is currently looking for more companies to participate in the Ambassador Program. The time commitment is minimal. The participating company identifies young, well-spoken employees who can play a front-facing role in the community and the AMBayArea Ambassador Program Coordinator holds a 3 ½ hour training onsite. Then, Ambassadors are invited to attend events during the year that fit with their schedule and are in their community.

For more information about the AMBayArea Ambassador Program, visit or email Ambassador Program Coordinator Joanna Mei at